Unspoken Rules for Partying at the Top Las Vegas Nightclubs

So, you’re about to go out for an evening of partying at the top Las Vegas nightclubs. Your focus is probably on the upcoming fun and excitement – and yes, a club crawl with Club Crawl Co definitely delivers big on both accounts. But, before you take a step beyond the red velvet ropes, it’s a good idea to consider Sin City social etiquette.

To get into the hottest Las Vegas nightlife hotspots and have an amazing time, you need to abide by certain guidelines. Here, the nightlife experts at Club Crawl Co explain the key unspoken rules to follow to prevent your evening out in Sin City from going afoul.

Show Up On Time to Las Vegas Nightclubs

Our nightlife tours include stops at four legendary, must-see Sin City nightclubs – and you don’t want to miss out on any of them. Be punctual, as we can’t wait for you to arrive to get the club crawl started. You can join us if you’re running late, but you’ll have a better experience if you’re on time.

Respect the Doorman

With Club Crawl Co, your admittance to the top Las Vegas nightclubs is prearranged. You won’t have to stand in line or pay a cover charge – but you will need to pass muster with the doorman. Let your nightlife tour guide take over if there’s an issue, as losing your cool could lead to banishment from the club for the evening.

Dance on the Dance Floor in Sin City Nightclubs

If you’re on the dance floor at any of the most happening Las Vegas nightclubs, you should be dancing. Chatting, checking your texts and people-watching – take those activities elsewhere. Get your groove on, or get a move on!

Leave the DJs Alone

The DJ is right there – surely you can ask for your favorite song, right? Wrong. The DJs spinning tunes at the hottest Las Vegas nightclubs have their own plans for the music set, and they don’t need or want your song suggestions.

Mind Your Behavior in Las Vegas Nightclubs

Enjoy yourself when you’re partying at the biggest and best Las Vegas nightclubs, but remember your manners and use common sense. If you get attention for the wrong reasons – like starting a fight or getting obnoxiously drunk – you may get the boot.

Be a Generous Tipper

When you’re kicking it with Club Crawl Co at the action-packed Las Vegas nightclubs, you don’t have to tip. That said, you may want to consider rewarding your bartenders, servers and nightlife tour guides– it’s good karma, and exceptional service merits a generous tip.

Do you have questions about how to behave at the top Sin City nightclubs? For answers, check out the Club Crawl Co FAQ’s – or just ask us. We’re happy to share tips with Sin City partiers!

Next Steps...

And when you’re ready for your next evening out on the town, hit us up for an affordable VIP-style adventure. At Club Crawl Co, we throw down at the best Las Vegas nightclubs every weekend – and our tickets come at a surprisingly low cost. Book your spot on a club crawl today!