How to Make Sure Your Las Vegas Club Crawl Goes Off Without a Hitch

Going on a Las Vegas club crawl is a great way to have an unforgettable time in one of the hottest party cities on the planet. Living large at several of the most exciting night clubs or pool parties, cruising on a luxe party bus and scoring VIP treatment – all of that makes for some amazing memories!

But, you want your Sin City party time to be memorable for the right reasons. Below, we share our best tips on how to make sure nothing interferes with the Las Vegas club tour fun and excitement.

Dress for the Sin City Party Scene

When you show up for a day or night out at the best Sin City party hotspots, you need to look the part.

All of the legendary night clubs and day clubs have strict dress codes – and if what you’re wearing isn’t suitable, the bouncer will turn you away. Come on your Las Vegas club tour dressed to the nines, and that won’t happen.

Don’t Bring Anything Valuable Along

All of the Sin City night clubs and pool parties we visit are safe, but bringing your most prized possessions along on a Las Vegas club crawl isn’t wise.

You’re here to kick it – and you don’t want to spend your party time keeping track of your valuables. Besides, there’s always the chance that something could get lost. Leave your favorite belongings back at the hotel, and you’ll be able to throw down worry-free.

Chow Down Before the Las Vegas Club Crawl

Eating a snack or small meal before the start of your Sin City night club or pool party tour is in your best interests.

Many venues offer tasty bar snacks and appetizers, but you don’t know how soon you’ll have an opportunity to eat. As drinking with nothing in your stomach is never a good idea, take time to have a bite before you head out on a Las Vegas club tour.

Go Easy on the Alcohol When You’re Partying

You no doubt know what happens if you drink too much too fast – and that’s not the type of experience you want when you’re on a Las Vegas club tour.

Pace yourself, and slow down on the drinks if you start to feel too tipsy. And to avoid getting plastered before you know it, try ordering (and drinking) a glass of water every time you order an alcoholic beverage.

Book Your Las Vegas Club Crawl in Advance

As soon as you decide to go on a Las Vegas night club or pool party tour, book your tickets.

The top Sin City party hotspots draw huge crowds of partiers every weekend, and it isn’t unusual for all of the spots on a Las Vegas club crawl to be snatched up ahead of time. If you don’t want to miss out, get your tickets as soon as possible.

Next Steps...

With Club Crawl Co, you can have an incredibly fun, VIP-style daytime or nighttime adventure without blowing through all of your funds. For a once-in-a-lifetime Las Vegas club crawl you’ll remember forever, book your tickets today!