4 Reasons Our Las Vegas Nightlife Tour is the Ultimate VIP Experience

Going on a Las Vegas nightlife tour with Club Crawl Co is an endlessly fun VIP adventure – one you definitely don’t want to miss.

We know the Sin City party scene inside and out, so we always hit the latest, must-see nightclubs. And on every club crawl, we treat all of our partiers like true VIPs. For a deeper look at what makes our Las Vegas nightlife tour a next-level experience, read on.

No. 1: Instant VIP Entry at Every Nightclub

The top Sin City nightclubs have crazy long lines of people waiting to get inside. Go clubbing on your own, and you could easily spend half the night standing around. And, when you do reach the red velvet ropes, you’ll have to pay a hefty sum to get past.

Go on our Las Vegas nightlife crawl, and you won’t face either of these issues – you’ll score instant VIP entry at every nightclub. With NO lines and NO cover charges, you’ll definitely feel like a boss!

No. 2: Outstanding Las Vegas Nightlife Tour Guides

Navigating your way through the Sin City party scene isn’t easy if you aren’t hip to the whereabouts of the hottest nightclubs. Sure, you can ask people for directions, but finding an accurate source of intel could be a challenge – and you might just end up on a wild goose chase.

With Club Crawl Co, you won’t have any trouble getting around. Our highly-experienced Las Vegas nightlife crawl guides always smooth the way for an evening of non-stop VIP fun and excitement.

No. 3: Luxurious VIP Transportation on Our Las Vegas Nightlife Tour

Join our Las Vegas nightclub tour, and you’ll kick it like a VIP at four of the biggest and best nightclubs – and you’ll also get to take the party on the road.

Our club crawls include posh VIP transportation, a real Vegas-style luxury party bus. We’re talking plush seating, LED lights, a sensational sound system, stripper poles and a well-stocked open bar. And, when you go on our Las Vegas nightlife tour, you’ll get to ride our incredible party bus twice.

No. 4: High-Roller Fun at a Low Cost

We saved the best reason to party with Club Crawl Co for last -- our Las Vegas nightlife tour doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Other companies charge a premium price for VIP-style club crawls, but we keep our ticket fees low. What’s more, we dish out high-value drink specials to cut the costs of nightclub cocktails. With us, it doesn’t take a big bank account to party like a VIP – we put the ultimate Las Vegas nightlife crawl in everyone’s reach.  

Next Steps...

As you can see, Club Crawl Co offers an amazingly epic VIP experience. Whether you’re on your own or with a group of friends, going on our club crawl is the best way to have an unforgettable time. If you’re ready to be a VIP of the party scene, book your Las Vegas nightlife tour tickets now!