What Do You Do on a Las Vegas Party Bus?

No doubt about it, kicking it on a Las Vegas party bus is an insanely fun experience. If you’ve never had the chance to take a ride, though, you might be wondering what to expect.

Party with Club Crawl Co, and you’ll get to hop aboard our amazing party bus and find out for yourself. All of our day club tours include one cruise, and partiers on our night club tours get to ride twice. For many, the VIP-style transportation is one of the best, most memorable parts of the entire club crawl.

Too excited to wait? Here’s a look at what riding a Las Vegas party bus is really like.

Marvel at the Magnificence of Your Las Vegas Party Bus

A Las Vegas party bus brings the extravagance, splendor and style of the top Sin City day clubs and night clubs directly to The Strip.

At your first glance of our party bus, you’ll love the posh, VIP-style luxury. From the spacious interior and plush leather seating to the color-changing laser lights and flat-screen TV’s, it’s definitely designed to be high-roller transportation. You can chill in air-conditioned comfort as you take in the sights – and that can make for the perfect break between club crawl stops.

Get Your Groove On 

Kicking back and taking a breather is what some partiers want – but you don’t have to just hang out and relax.

Our party bus is equipped with a premium sound system, and the choice of music is up to the club crawl partiers. With your favorite tunes booming through the speakers, you might just feel like getting up to dance – and there’s plenty of room, thanks to the tall ceilings inside our party bus. Or, why not take a turn on the stripper poles? Either way, you’re sure to have a blast as you bust a move.

Enjoy a Few Drinks on a Las Vegas Party Bus

Here’s what most partiers really want to know – yes, of course our party bus has an open bar! A dry bus ride between day clubs or night clubs would kill the vibe, don’t you think?

Every time you climb aboard, you’ll get to toss back a free drink or two. You can have as many cocktails as you like, actually! And by taking advantage of the free drinks on our Las Vegas party bus along with the exclusive, high-value VIP drink specials that are yours at every club crawl stop, you won’t have to spend much cash on cocktails.

Next Steps...

Every pool party crawl and nightlife tour with Club Crawl Co includes VIP-style luxury transportation. If you’re ready to cruise in style aboard the finest Las Vegas party bus, book your day club or night club crawl tickets today!